Wants to be like Taufik Ismail

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Lumayan buat memotivasi diri bahwa seyogyanya kita, punya passion tersendiri. Jangan minder dengan kekurangan, tapi jadikan ia motivasi luar biasa.

Posted by admin on 07 September 2012

Yonny Elviandri with two colleagues from Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB managed to be the second winner in the World Congress of Global Partnership, a scientific competition, followed by about 38 countries of Asia and Africa. This took place in South Korea in last August 13, 2012. This means a lot to Yonny; in this competition he became to know a lot of fellow students from different countries. Of course this is a memorable experience. He never dreamed of anything of being able to go abroad and holding the reputation of the institution where he is studying.

According to him, he can excel from other participants because his work has produced finished products in the form of sweet potato chips known as Chippittos. These chips were developed in the Village of Cibungbulang, Bogor by groups of women farmers in the village.

In addition to this competition, Yonny has successfully won other prestigious competitions. In the area of writing, recently he successfully became the third winner in the writing contest held by Indonesian Journalist Association (PPWI) by raising the theme “the criteria of the House of Representative Members in the future. Previously he has also won the 1st place in the International Mini Story competition, with the title "Koko Shirt for Dad", held by PPWI Yaman.

Yonny is currently sitting in the 5th semester. He is one participant of the scholarship program called “Bidik Misi” (Mission Target), admitted by IPB through USMI (admission by invitation). Her strong determination to study in IPB appeared as he unpacked her savings which he obtained from the wage of picking cloves from a neighbor's garden. With her savings she bought the form for Rp.250, 000, -. Moreover he got a lot of support from sympathetic teachers so that Yonny could continue studying at IPB. At that time he was with his grandfather leaving for Bogor to do the re-registration.
The limited living cost does not make Yonny discouraged. He frequently participated in writing competitions in which he often it can get a fortune in the form of competition prizes. Asked about his biggest dream, Yonny wants to be a famous writer like Taufik Ismail, he said. (Mtd)